Mid-Point Review (Video Presentation)

The canvas was always black. 

You know when your mom tells you to close your eyes and imagine something,

like a peaceful dream, most lifelike with water, a boat- 

A reflection, the sky, space,

States, shapes, desires.

Thoughts that stick, 

or that erode what already existed. 

That the world is only larger with bridges and bonds,

Sharing the tools we use. 

The ways we choose. 

That fear is like an old friend.

A simulation of Then. 

Then, reconsidered. 

I assume the role of-

I’m not sure. 

Are you?

Who are you?

If not an absolute

Then a collection of a few?


Do you see?


What do you make of me?

But we can’t fully understand. 

Therefore we can’t define.

What float and hovers

Invisible, yet always divine.