Black Lining

I’ve been collaborating remotely with Black Lining; a team of designers who work with wood and laser-cutting. The team focuses on artworks generated by Tattoo Artists, giving the work a new medium to explore.


We agreed on furthering this one, as it seamlessly fit the technical criteria of production (connected lines). I’m very excited about how the prototype turned out. The team is hoping to release these in the next few months! I’m still under the process of experimenting with transforming my drawings into other mediums ~ I’m hoping this experience may provide some insight into different modalities of such translations.


I’ve recently been experimenting with algorithmically relocating planes in meshes using Cinema 4D. I’ve also been working with generating particle turbulence and wind - manufacturing virtual physics. Doing so has expanded the ways in which i perceive objects on a daily basis. It seems as though a hyper-awareness of ‘parts’ provides the eyes with an ability to appreciate the very object itself - as a whole. Using 3D software is starting to widen my understanding of space and time; being able to replicate reality with so many functions is giving me the opportunity to look more closely at my environment - the little parts that eventually make up the whole. 

I’m curious as to how this technique could come into play with future works, or perhaps inform a way of thinking about material, space and time. I wonder what could come out of simulating subtle exaggerations of our physical reality- tweaking with gravity, hyperbolizing wind, adjusting properties of objects. 

‘Reality’ is a very abstract term. Is reality based on a shared understanding of space and thought? Is reality a personal journey that can only be understood and accepted by the passenger? Is reality the grey area in between? Contemplating the fluidity of ‘reality’ and its complete lack of consistency, perhaps could act as a starting point in reflecting on ‘empathy’.