La Peau (2018)

3D Printing, Microscopic Video (Projected), Stethoscopic Audio


La Peau is a multimedia installation that consists of sound acquired through a digital stethoscope, video recorded with a handheld microscope, and 3D prints generated from depth-mapped spectrograms of internal body sounds. The piece aims to transform the skin into a spectacle – a barrier that separates public and private in a technologically advanced world. With emerging tools, what used to be deemed as inaccessible is now a click of a button away; biotechnology and advancements in surveillance are blurring the line between public and private spaces. In dichotomy, the piece targets human phenomenology from a multi- sensorial scope, exposing the audience to a microscopic world that is inaccessible in the everyday. 

The memories we form of one another are public, they exist outside the skin, the memories we form of ourselves, in dreams, in thought - are private. Within or outside the skin we occupy space, we gracefully infiltrate it; when seeking one another, we share space – when seeking meditation, we isolate space. Memory, a form of internal space, which can be exposed publicly, is an essential tool in understanding the immensities of the senses, an appreciation of that graceful infiltration. The body itself is a landscape, a space; “Immensity is within ourselves. It is attached to a sort of expansion of being that life curbs and caution rests” (Bachelard 184). I want to break beyond caution, infiltrating the surface of space to explore it’s understanding of space.


Bachelard, Gaston. Poetics of Space. Beacon P, US, 1958. Print.

Pearl paper, hardcover, 7x7in - Photographed by Michele Bygodt