Vapures, A Memory


In tempest waves, the shores allay flat

He stood beyond the rubble,

As he always did.


Awakened by the sirens, he fled

Deep into the depths that made no sense.

He croaked and swam as fast he can,

To save the one that held his hand.


Dawn struck stark as he lay,

Beyond the waters on a bay.

His hands clenched tight to what he knew,

Would be the start of deteriorating residue.


The worlds stood still as they gazed within,

With warmth so tender; a new kin.

Battle guns sincere, they took their stance,

To what appeared to be a faithful romance.


Years fled by in their heads,

Let alone the fire underneath their beds.

Kindled hearts remained unstill,

For the drenches took a toll their will.


Sights unravel, instinctive be,

A deprivation of so-called infinity.

Wounds and sores fill their lungs,

Hearts that pound to a latent sun.


He was united, as they sing,

Between the arms of his king.


Wavered by thought,

An unpleasant distraught.

That morning bestows,

A thorn-full meadow.


He tossed and turned,

Unfriendly dreams.

Irrelevant so,

It made him scream.


But we’re all just creatures of the sea.

Part of many,

Longing to be…